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Placenta Services


Postpartum. Also known as "The Fourth Trimester”. 


It is fragile. It is beautiful. It is sacred. 


You are no longer growing and carrying a baby on the inside, but that doesn't mean your body is no longer in high demand. You are experiencing hormone shifts, postpartum bleeding, fatigue from many sleepless nights, emotional highs and lows, as well as possible milk supply demands and changes. 


While it is just as important to nourish and support your postpartum body as it was your pregnant and laboring body, it may seem absolutely impossible to find time for self-care now, let alone grabbing a quick bite to eat in the midst of countless feedings and diaper changes. Trust me when we say, it is all normal and you are not alone.


The good news is, simple acts of love towards your recovering body can be just that, simple.


Did you know that a natural, key component in healing and supporting your body through the fourth trimester can be found within the placenta YOU created to nourish and support your baby? Some of the potential benefits include stabilizing hormones, preventing symptoms of postpartum depression, increasing oxytocin, decreasing lochia flow (postpartum bleeding) and increasing milk supply.

Placenta Packages

Placenta Encapsulation 

Placentas are steamed with astringent, healing herbs, dehydrated for 24 hours and finely ground and filled into capsules for daily consumption

Happy Mama Package

You will receive your placenta in capsule form as the "heavy hitter" for the big hormonal shifts in the first few weeks as well as a placenta tincture for future use. Your tincture will be ready for use at 6 weeks postpartum and can be used during other hormonal shifts such as the return of your cycle, dips in your supply, or even save it for menopause.

Healing Trinity Package

You will receive your placenta capsules, placenta tincture and a healing placenta salve. From closed cesarean scars, cracked nipples, closed perineal tears, hemorrhoids, diaper rashes, or eczema - so many uses!


Ready to plan for a better postpartum experience? 

Hit the link below to get in touch with Meghan

our Placenta Encapsulation Specialist!

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